Food donations:

If you are interested in donating food for the retreats, please contact us to register.

Phone number: (714) 367 – 6959


Contribution of merit during or outside the retreat:

The church needs volunteers to improve and develop. If you are interested in creating merit and volunteering, please contact us for more details.

Phone number: (714) 367 – 6959


Contribution of money:

Insight Buddhist Church is pleased to receive money to continue to organize meditation courses and improve the facilities of the monastery.

Contributions are tax-exempt. EIN: 92-3927723


You can contribute directly at Insight Buddhist Church by cash or check.

Send check: 

You can write a check to “Insight Buddhist Church” and send the check to the address

Insight Buddhist Church 

3922 W. 5th St., Santa Ana, CA 92703 

Please include your mailing address or email address so that we can send you the merit card.

Direct transfer: 

If your bank uses Zelle, you can transfer funds to <>